Aamir Zaveri



  •  Principal Asharam School of Nursing

Biggest Achievements:

1) Completed MHA (Master of Hospital Administration) From Symbols Pune and Secured 2nd position in Class in the year 2018

2) Completed PGDMLC From Symbiosis

3) Got selected for the Principal post in the year 2018

4) Cleared PHD in Hospital and health Care Management in the year 2021

5) Got Dynamic Personality Award in the year 2021

6) Got Best Teacher award By Nursing Teaching Association Of India (NTAI) in the year 2021

7) Working As a health Care Advisor in Nagpur Memon Jamat Since 2020

8) Got Best Health Care Manager Award for COVID 19 From Asha Hospital.

9) Live Member of Trained Nursing Association of India (TNAI) from 2014

10)Working As a Advisor Committee Member in Asha Hospital.

Unique things about VSPM MDINE:

  • Let me thank the teaching Faculty of Vspm MDINE those who have made me so Capable to Handel the Responsibilities of Asharam College of Nursing and Asha Hospital.
  • The best Campus Of the Nagpur City for Nursing College
  • The Best Part of the institution is the clinical Area 1000 Bedded Multi specialty Hospital with Good Exposure to the clinical for the students and best Clinical teaching done in Vspm College.
  • Best Teaching faculty with depth of Knowledge of Nursing and experience Teaching Staff.
  • It Has a very good Library with plenty of Books and labs with All equipment which Help Students to get Good exposure and good Teaching which help students in the clinical area
  • Extra Curricular Activities Helps Students to come to know about their Talent. I was There in SNA team for 3 years, it’s help each and every individual to show their talent in Different filed.


  • I Would like To thank Respected Beloved Mrs. Kaveri Madam Respected Nursing Director, Principal, Vice Principal and All My dear Teachers and Non Teaching Staff of VSPM MDINE For Helping me and finding my Strengths so it can help me professionally as well as individual.

                                                                                      Thank you