Madhuribai Deshmukh Institute of Nursing Education

LataMangeshkarHospital, Digdoh Hills, Hingna Road, Nagpur-440019

Ph.No. – 07104-665048, 49.  Fax No. – 07104-665011

Email – vspmcon2005@yahoo.com, Website : vspmmdine.org


  • Alumni of VSPM MDINE was initiated in the year 2019. The office of the alumni is located at the premises of VSPM MDINE. The Executive Committee (EC) functions for five years and at the end of the tenure the next set of enthusiastic members will take up the posts.
  • The voting system helps in considering the preference of the majority. They do strategic planning and decision making according to the mission and vision of the association.
  • They meet once in four months as well as 15 days before any planned activity.
  • The General Body Meeting is usually conducted on the same day of any workshop/conference organized by the Alumni as this creates an opportunity for the Alumni to gather in large numbers.
  • All meeting minutes are documented and budget details are presented by the Treasurer during Executive Committee and General Body Meeting. Executive Committee comprises of 10 members, 50% of members should be working within the institution.
  • This type of arrangement helps in the smooth running of activities of the association.
  • The Alumni supports various aspects of college and for the last 3 years (2018-2021) they have donated INR 2,80,790/- for various activities like organizing workshops, conferences, seminars, scholarships for the students with low family income, and celebration of the Silver Jubilee of the institutions. Every year, the Alumni Association sponsors 13 prizes and it is given to the students who have secured the highest marks in the university examinations, and the award for best dissertation in M.Sc. Nursing.
  • The prizes are given during the graduation ceremony. Our Alumni are considered as effective role models and are accepted by the students. Many alumni do visit the institution during their vacation and they share their work experience with the students.
  • They do contribute articles in an annual college magazine, which highlights how the institution has created a huge role in their personal and professional development. The senior Alumni are called as the resource persons for most of the conferences organized by the association.
  • By using effective methods they impart their knowledge and skills with our students. Alumni members are called as experts to share their views on personal traits and development during fresher’s orientation program and most of them have helped the budding nurses to understand the essence of tolerance, adjustment, self-esteem, time management, exam writing skills, self-respect, prolife virtues, etc.
  • Alumni proposed solutions to the challenges faced by the college which are highly appreciated by the management.
  • We have passed out more than 800 alumni’s but in total 389 are registered alumni’s