Paper Presentation Competition at National Level Conference

Topic – Effectiveness of Demonstration regarding Endotracheal suctioning among staff nurses working in selected hospitals.

Venue – Hotel Pride, Nagpur

Paper Presentation Competition at State Level Conference

Topic – effectiveness of planned teaching on knowledge regarding ill health effects of prolong use of commercial diaper in infants among mothers in selected urban area.

Venue – VSPM College of Physiotherapy, Nagpur


In-Service Education

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In-service education can simply be defined as the relevant courses and activities in which a serving teacher may participate to upgrade his professional knowledge, skills, and competence in the teaching profession

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Ms. Pallavi Jambhulkar, CI/Tutor of VSPM MDINE, has participated in ToT on Simulation Based Education at NRSC, SGT University Gurgaon

Ms. Trupti Soitkar, CI/Tutor of VSPM MDINE, Nagpur has participated in the training program “Onsite skill Standardization & Simulation Training” of the capacity building program for Midwifery Faculty, organized by INC, Delhi